2004 : BA in Fine Arts, Painting and Photography, University of  Guanajuato, Mexico.

2011.- Vermont Studio Center fellowship supported Dedalus                           Foundation.
2009. -NYFA, Mentoring Program for Immigrant Artists.
2001, 2005- Represented by FONCA, Mexico (National Fund for the                 Culture and the Arts)

2014. - Twelve 21 Gallery. Orlando, FL.
           -  Pseudo Empire Gallery. Buswick, Brooklyn. NY.
           - 45 Broadway Lobby Gallery. Chashama Venues, NYC.                         -  Storefront Ten Eyck Gallery. Buswick, Brooklyn. NY.
2010. - Stand Pipe Gallery, East Chelsea, NYC.
 -“ExtraESTETICA-Exploitation”, Chashama Venues, NYC.


2015. - Face to Place. 60 Wall Gallery, Deutsche Bank NY, New York                 Foundation for the Arts (NYFA).
2013. - WAH Bridges Bushwick. WAH Center, November. Brooklyn
         - Chashama's cyrate NYCexhibit, Conde Nast Building, NYC
         - NURTUREart Benefit, Bernarducci Meisel Gallery, NYC 
         - No Object. Trestle Projects at Brooklyn Art Space
         - INDUSTRIALISM, Dolphyn Gallery-Art Factory.  Paterson, NJ    
2010. - Curate NYC, Chelsea-Lower East Side-Harlem-Staten Island
         - The 4heads Collective. New York Design Center NYC
         - Jesús Gallardo Gallery. Gto. Mexico
         - Storefront, Bushwick, Brooklyn. NY
2009.33 Open Doors”, Newark, NJ. EU
-“Nyktomorph” Curious Matter Gallery, Jercey City NJ. 
         - D.U.M.B.O Art Under Bridge Festival, September, Brooklyn NY. 
         - Governors Island Art Fair, September, New York City.

2007. -Series of paintings for el Bajío Bank, México
2003. -“Ashland” Permanent Mural conceived in Ashland, Oregon, USA. And completed in the Ashland Hall, University of Guanajuato, Mexico
         - “Un Sitio de Paso”, painting commissioned by the mayor of                   Ashland, USA, for  the  City Library private collection

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