Olivié Ponce
PUTO Art Show

By Olivié Ponce

This new body of work relies on repurposing discarded and quotidian decorative materials adding elements of glamour to the harsh and loosening connection to the everyday. It also employs colloquial language in order to create a dialogue about cultural identities.
I create these pieces by collecting discarded wallpapers, sheet rock, styrofoam insulation, to name a few, with the objective to repurpose them; then, by using several techniques, I add “bad” words that have several meanings. For instance the word “Puto”, a term that shifts in meaning depending on the context, can translate to “womanizer”, “fagot” or as a expression of anger. “Bruja”(witch in English) usually is used to attack women who confront patriarchy, however women have lately been appropriating it to empower themselves.
As a master in techniques I love to contrast the finish and the words in order to redefine meanings and to share emotions with the viewer.

Opening Party: Friday June 2nd, 6:00pm
On View: June 3rd to June 18th
Closing party: June 18th 5:00pm

NOTE: On the weekends of June 3rd & 4th and June 17th & 18th entrance is free but we need your support! We will be asking for suggested admission of $3.

During weekdays we will have studio visits by appointment - contact me!
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